Condor Intraoral Scanner

The Condor Intraoral Scanner helps us diagnose dental issues and restore your smile. Life-like, hyper-realistic color scans help us see your mouth in wonderful ways unlike any other dental technology is able to. It is so small and compact (billed as the smallest intraoral scanner on the planet - about the size of a pen), extremely precise, and easy for us to use, making the appointment easier on the patient as well as pain-free. 

What Can Condor Be Used For?

From diagnosing dental issues to helping design dental restorations, this effective technology is advanced and reliable. The vibrant and intricate color scans on screen show us a replica of your oral structures, helping to create restorations that are remarkable. We use these scans to make impressions in a whole new way that can be sent out to the lab to create your dental appliance with more precision than ever before. 

Condor saves time but doesn’t skimp on service. Your time being evaluated and prepared for a restoration will be cut down, but the results will be long-lasting.