X-rays are a normal part of many dental appointments. While you may not need X-rays every time you see us (probably once or twice a year), we will need this in-depth information from time to time to see the underlying structure of your teeth and other areas of your mouth.

What Makes Digital Radiography Superior To Traditional X-Rays?

The results we see with digital radiography is faster than a traditional x-ray and there is no film processed required. This provides our team for near-instant images that we can swiftly view on a computer monitor right in the dental exam room. As soon as the machine’s sensors capture your images, they conveniently appear on the screen for us to carefully examine. You can see them too. We can zoom in and out to get a glimpse of nearly every area. These images are clearer than traditional X-rays too, making the process even more precise. Plus, we can easily save them to your records and send them to specialists if required.