Traditional oral surgeries with scalpels and other similar metal dental instruments can be intrusive and painful, and such procedures can take a long time to heal. While sometimes there is simply no alternative option to consider, there are cases where laser use, specifically the handheld NV Microlaser is not only preferred, but performs better.

What Is The NV Microlaser And What Might It Be Used For?

The NV Microlaser is a slim and lightweight device (just 1.9 ounces). It is wireless with a disposable tip (to be swapped out between patients or procedures), it is superbly precise, portable, and practical. We make use of this device at Advanced Dentistry for various in-office procedures, particularly soft tissue contouring aesthetics, diolade, aid in treatment for crowns and bridges, canker sore or cold sore therapies, and similar procedures. 

Why Is The NV® Microlaser A Smart Choice For Many Dental Procedures?

When it comes to dental procedures, precision is everything. The NV® Microlaser is incredibly small and manageable, allowing for the most delicate of cases to be taken care of with extreme caution. It is far less invasive than traditional dental surgery since laser science is used in lieu of cutting. 

The NV® Microlaser delivers laser energy in a pulsed mode or in a continuous wave, depending upon the procedure and patient. Procedures are usually done quicker when the NV® Microlaser is used. There is generally less bleeding (sometimes none at all), less swelling, and recovery comes faster with less postoperative pain since there is less cell damage/trauma. Most patients are pleased when the NV® Microlaser is used instead of a more traditional method. It is gentler and more tolerable. Many patients do not even require anesthetics when the NV® Microlaser is used. Dentists enjoy its ease of use and patients are happy with the outcome.

The next time you need a dental procedure done at Advanced Dentistry, we just may make use of the modern NV® Microlaser. We will discuss this possibility during your consultation to determine if you’d be a good candidate for this high-tech, safe solution.