At Advanced Dentistry, part of a thorough examination is accuracy. The better we can see all areas of the mouth, the more complete your appointment will be. One high-tech way to see far better than the naked eye allows for is with the aid of an intraoral camera. This slim dental device can reach those difficult to see spaces and allows Dr. Blank the ability to discuss with you what he sees, because the image can be portrayed onto a TV monitor.

Read on for important information about intraoral cameras - what they do and why they will make your visit more modern as a visual aid for dentist-patient communication.

Will I Experience Discomfort When You Use An Intraoral Camera?

Along with their many amazing attributes, the intraoral camera is sleek and slim. You won’t be bothered by our use of one. The shape is wand-like, with the camera at the tip. We can easily point it towards the areas of the mouth we want to get a closer look at. You’ll barely feel a thing. 

What Can The Intraoral Camera Do?

The intraoral camera will take very clear high-definition images of your teeth, gums, and other parts of your mouth with four magnification levels. Right as we take the images, they will be displayed in the office on a convenient computer monitor. No waiting required. Once we view these images, we can diagnose and formulate a treatment plan. You will see your images too, so ask questions along the way. These images will be saved in your dental records so we can reference them if required during future dental appointments.

Do You Use The Intraoral Camera During All My Appointments?

It all depends on the reason for your dental appointment. If we need a clearer view or must take an image of an area of your mouth, we will make use of the intraoral camera. It is so efficient and easy to use, so if it will make your appointment more accurate, we will grab it and go. It is completely safe to use regularly, so there won’t be any worry on your end about overuse. 

High-tech devices make dental visits to Advanced Dentistry better every time something new is added to the mix. Expect instruments like the intraoral camera to be integrated into your dental appointments. The better we can tend to your dental care, the more you’ll benefit.