The Ins and Outs of TeethXpress™

Patients wearing traditional full dentures in their smile may have a variety of complaints. They may feel uneasy about enjoying their favorite foods, or they may worry about dental adhesives not performing correctly and causing their false teeth to fail during social situations. Patients may also deal with reduced taste from palate coverage. Instead of dealing with these common issues, the team at Advanced Dentistry encourages patients in the area of Hilliard, OH to schedule an appointment with Dr. James Blank to discuss the possibility of switching to TeethXpress™ dentures.

What is TeethXpress™?

TeethXpress™ is a revolutionary way to achieve better functionality of dentures by integrating dental implants into treatment. With TeethXpress™, our dentist uses titanium dental implants to quickly and permanently secure the denture to the jaw. These implant-supported dentures are desirable because they do not cover the palate while still providing the stability and strength that occurs with natural teeth. Patients can eat what they want, smile when they laugh, and feel confident with their appearance when making a first impression to others.

What are the benefits of TeethXpress™ over traditional dentures?

There are many advantages to this implant-retained denture. This solution is advantageous to patients because it is a solution that prevents jaw bone loss and allows patients the opportunity to achieve completely natural function for eating, talking, and other activities without any fears of slippage. Patients are confident in social situations and can eat the foods they may have given up with traditional dentures, such as apples or steak. TeethXpress™ dentures are the best solution for patients replacing the upper, lower, or both dental arches of the smile.

What can I expect from my TeethXpress™ dentures?

There are so many benefits to the fabrication and use of TeethXpress™ dentures. Many of our patients report:

  • The ability to enjoy all their favorite foods with less limitations
  • Improved speech
  • No more slipping or loss of dentures that are embarrassing in social situations
  • Improved self-confidence when socializing with others and eating their favorite foods
  • No more messy dental adhesives needed to keep full dentures in place
  • The ability to maintain the natural bone by eliminating dental resorption
  • A more youthful appearance with maintained bone

By eliminating the stress and concerns of traditional dentures, patients who have restorations such as TeethXpress™ will enjoy a better quality of life each and every day!

Who is a candidate for TeethXpress™?

Most adult patients who are missing some or all of their teeth may be considered appropriate candidates for TeethXpress™. Men and women can be evaluated by their dentist to decide if this treatment is right for their smile. During the evaluation with Dr. James Blank, patients in Hilliard, OH can have their smile assessed by a qualified provider. Patients can take this time to ask any questions they may have about this procedure and speak to an experienced professional about the steps needed to achieve their new smile.

What is the process of obtaining TeethXpress™ dentures?

Patients who are faced with complete or almost complete tooth loss can book a consultation visit with our TeethXpress™ provider, Dr. James Blank of Advanced Dentistry. During this visit, he will evaluate the structure of the jaw bone to ensure the dental implant procedure is successful. High-quality dental implants are placed along the dental arch to offer a strong and stable foundation for these custom-made denture patients. Patients consult with their doctor on how they want their new smile to look and can play a direct role in the beauty of their false teeth. Within one day, patients can be smiling with their new dentures!

Is obtaining TeethXpress™ dentures painful?

The placement of dental implants is done during a special oral surgery procedure in the practice of Dr. James Blank. Patients do not experience discomfort during this treatment because our team utilizes local anesthetics and sedation to ensure patients are at ease and comfortable throughout their oral surgery. Afterwards, patients may experience some slight discomfort that can be managed with the use of over-the-counter pain medications. Most patients are able to return to work and other normal activities within a day or two as the dental implants heal.

How long do the dental implants last?

With proper care and maintenance, many of our patients find that their dental implants will stay successfully in place for many decades. However, it is still important for patients with TeethXpress™ dentures and other restorations to visit their dentist every six months for an evaluation to monitor for signs of problems including periodontal disease and tooth decay. These issues can impact the health of the smile and cause concerns with the placement and stability of the dental implants in the bone.

Schedule a consultation appointment with our TeethXpress™ provider!

Dr. James Blank of Hilliard, OH is excited to provide TeethXpress™ as an option for patients who are restoring their smile following extensive tooth loss. If you are considering this method of restoration, we welcome you to request a consultation visit with our team by calling our front office at (614) 399-9381. Our practice is conveniently located at 5491 Scioto Darby Road and encourages new patients and families to seek treatment in our state-of-the-art dental facility.