First Impressions Matter

They say you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. That’s something the Advanced Dentistry team of Hillard takes to heart. We pride ourselves in making your first visit to our office a positive one. We understand that a trip to the dentist can be daunting for some, and for others, there is probably someplace else they would rather be than sitting with their mouths wide open in the dentist’s chair. A feeling of being cared for will encompass you as you walk through our doors and get to know our staff. Our Hillard team is well-trained and welcoming, making that initial visit unexpectedly pleasant and always professional.

Your one-hour dental appointment will be thorough and personalized. So much more than a simple cleaning, this oral evaluation will cover everything necessary to access and outline all oral hygiene concerns and identify the needed care you require. You will simply sit back, relax, and allow Dr. Blank and his experienced team of clinicians deliver a well-defined and detailed service, supplying you with useful information, an all-inclusive exam, and a plan of action for your oral care.

Will my insurance cover this initial exam?

Since different people have different plans and packages of what is and what is not covered, it is advisable to speak to your carrier’s representatives to better understand your specific situation. We can also assist you by performing a complementary benefits evaluation to inform you as to what your dental insurance covers. We will work with you to better understand the details so you understand what you are committing to before you book the initial appointment.

Where are you located?

Advanced Dentistry is conveniently located in beautiful Hillard, Ohio. Your oral health is important, so we want you to be able to come in at your convenience. Our office staff will assist you with booking your initial appointment. Give us a call at 614-876-4900 so we can accommodate your needs and get you in as soon as possible.

Our address:

5491 Scioto Darby Rd., Hillard, Ohio

Aside from a teeth cleaning, what else will my initial oral exam include?

Along with cleaning, polishing, and flossing, we will evaluate the current state of your oral health, get a clearer picture of your smile goals, and go from there. We use the latest and greatest in advanced technology to offer top-notch treatment and proven techniques that are innovative and highly effective. Many of the solutions we offer can be customized on a case by case basis, making every patient’s exam unique to their needs. In a nutshell, your initial exam will include a combination of some or all of the following, depending upon the state of your oral health at the time of your visit:

  •       Prophylaxis (teeth cleaning)
  •       Fluoride treatment (helps prevent cavities and strengthens/hardens teeth)
  •       Oral cancer exam
  •       Fillings and sealants (if applicable)
  •       Root canal therapy (if applicable)
  •       Extractions (if applicable)
  •       TMJ/TMD treatment (if necessary)
  •       Sleep apnea solutions (if required)

What if I am interested in learning more about cosmetic dentistry options. Is this something we will cover during my initial examination?

If you are interested in improving the look of your smile with one or more cosmetic and/or restorative treatments, we will give you more information to address your inquiries during the exam. Depending upon your goals and what we can effectively accomplish, Dr. Blank will share his expertise and what he believes will be the best approach for your dental conditions and concerns. A dazzling smile is something you will be proud to show off. Advanced cosmetic and restorative treatments include:

  •       TeethXpress implant dentures
  •       Invisalign® (clear braces)
  •       Bonding
  •       Dental implants
  •       Porcelain veneers
  •       Teeth whitening
  •       Dentures
  •       Periodontal therapy

I am nervous about my initial dental appointment. How can you help me get through this?

Advanced Dentistry wants your first impression to be a positive one. We create a calm and peaceful space for you to relax as much as possible while we practice compassionate care. There is never a rush or a feeling like you are “just another patient.” Everyone who comes through our door is important to us, so we do all we can to create a soothing atmosphere that helps lower your anxiety and calms your nerves. There is nothing to be nervous about when you know you are in good hands. We promise…we’re friendly!

We want to make our first impression on you. Now is a great time to schedule that initial exam and start on the path of proactive dental care. We look forward to hearing from you. Please call Advanced Dentistry at (614) 399-9381. We will see you soon!