We highly recommend you come visit us at Advanced Dentistry twice yearly for your general exam which includes a deep and thorough teeth cleaning. When you see us, we make sure your oral hygiene is at its best, and we do our part to do a professional job that just can’t be matched with the regular brushing and flossing you do at home. No matter how well you maintain your oral hygiene, we have the equipment and techniques to take it to the next level. Even if you think your teeth look great and you feel fine, it’s still important to be proactive and take care of your teeth with a professional assessment.

Why Do I Need Twice-Yearly Professional Cleanings?

Twice-yearly dental exams and cleanings is the average we suggest for patients in order to maintain good oral health. We keep track of any changes, address any issues, and can compare the results to your last visit. In extreme cases, we may suggest you see us more often, but for the “average” patient, two appointments a year is all it takes for optimal management. 

What Does The Teeth Cleaning Involve?

When you see us, we will remove the plaque and tartar from your teeth, reducing and removing bacteria and other debris. We will clean and polish the teeth so they’re smooth and shiny, and floss between them as well. We will check your gums for signs of irritation or infection. Other parts of this general check-up may include a fluoride treatment, sealant application, digital radiography, an oral cancer exam, and any other necessary discussion or diagnosis about your overall oral health.

What Happens If I Miss A Cleaning? Is Once Per Year Enough?

While we don’t recommend skipping an appointment, life happens. But you can always reschedule to make sure you see us twice yearly. In six months’ time, issues can emerge and cause problems that we could have better handled had we seen you sooner. Do your best to stick to your commitment to seeing us two times per year. And, we’ll always remind you when it’s time for your appointment. 

Will A Dental Cleaning Help Fight Cavities?

The cleaner you keep your teeth, the less likely they are for getting cavities. Part of your cleaning involves removing anything that has gotten lodged between your teeth or under the gumline. Doing this aids in keeping teeth free of bacteria that can break down the teeth, potentially leading to cavities.