Not Every Office Is Made Equal 

Whether you’re going in for a simple cleaning or any type of cosmetic surgery, one fact will always remain: a trip to the dentist is intimidating. Shiny tools are pointed at you as you’re approached by them from different directions. Dentists and hygienists in masks hover around you excruciatingly close with their fingers in your mouth.

Because of these experiences and many others, a trip to the dentist is dreaded by many.

Developing a Fear of the Dentist 

This has caused many people to feel an overwhelming dread and fear of the dentist. It’s led to people deciding it’s best for them to simply avoid a visit to the dentist at all. When this happens, it causes not only their teeth and overall mouth to suffer, but their body can experience eventual pain from this dental neglect as well. 

If you’re feeling this intense fear of the dentist, you’re not alone. It’s extremely common for people to have dental anxiety as they develop an overall phobia of visiting the dentist. 

According to Colgate, approximately 9% to 15% of people nationwide have such a strong fear of the dentist that they avoid visiting them altogether. This number of people is larger than you’d expect, as it’s approximately 30 to 40 million people in total that have chosen to stay away from the dentist due to this fear.

You No Longer Need to Feel Scared

At Advanced Denistry, we want to remind you that we’re people too, and we understand this intense fear of dentists. We’re here to help you overcome this. The way we operate may be a little different than what you’ve been used to in the past. 

More Than The Average Check-Up 

Whether the procedure is simple or complex, we treat it with the greatest care and respect possible. The minute you step into our office, you’re immediately greeted and treated like family. Upon your first arrival, we give you so much more than the average check-up. You receive an oral evaluation that takes place in a relaxed environment, talking you through the experience and making sure you’re feeling comfortable the entire time. 

Listening To Your Cares And Concerns 

While this is happening, we patiently take our time getting to know you more as well as your oral health history and what you’re looking for in a dentist. We realize that a lot of issues people have had during dental visits are experiencing dentists who don’t listen to their patients’ needs or wants.

This is very important to us as we want you to feel more comfortable and make a trip to visit us more enjoyable for you. This is why we try to make sure you feel happy in this environment and you aren’t afraid to tell us about your oral history in fear that our hygienists or doctor may judge you. We give no judgment and approach all situations or problems you may have in a calm and understanding manner.

Lessening Your Worry About Insurance

Another stressful ingredient to a dental visit is the nervousness of learning if you need a dental procedure done on your mouth and whether or not your insurance will be able to cover it. Luckily, we know dealing with insurance can be tricky, so we have a complimentary benefits evaluation process in place that lets you know what type of additional procedures or treatment you may need and what exactly your insurance is able to cover. 

Staff Members Who Actually Care Using Advanced Technology 

When you think about the dentist and their office, you most likely think about a stuffy office with rusty, dangerous equipment and inattentive staff members. At Advanced Dentistry, we carefully handpick our staff members and make sure they are qualified and passionate about the work they’re doing. They all love being hygienists and Dr. Blank enjoys learning more about his patients while making sure everyone feels safe. 

Old tools and technology are a thing of the past at Advanced Dentistry. We’re called advanced for a reason. We have different tools and technology to help determine what kind of oral treatment you need for your unique mouth and the easiest way to help you treat it. So you no longer have to worry about outdated technology giving inaccurate results. 

An Experience Unlike Any Other

Feeling afraid of the dentist can keep you from visiting us and can result in very damaging effects on not only your physical but even your mental health. We want to keep this from happening to you, so we step it up to provide you with a dental experience unlike any other. Like many things in life, seeing is believing. Make an appointment with Dr. Blank today or give us a call at (614) 399-9381 to experience our unmatched service firsthand.