Oral Health – Overall Health. Don’t Be Naive – There Is A Direct Correlation

Your oral health is our top priority here at Advanced Dentistry. But our efforts are geared towards far more than a bright and shiny smile. When it comes to your overall health, oral health is a major influence on how the rest of your body reacts. This is why we so strongly recommend you come in to see us twice yearly for your annual dental exams and always make an appointment as soon as you can when you feel as though something is just not right. Putting off a problem only makes it worse, so let us treat you before matters become potentially major.

Do You Check For Oral Cancer During Routine Exams?

When you come to Advanced Dentistry for your general dental exam, one thing we do is check your face, mouth, throat, and neck for signs of oral cancer. We feel around for unusual lumps, bumps, and growths, and look carefully for lesions, discoloration, or anything else that seems suspicious. Using high-tech dental tools, we can get an in-depth look at all of the oral areas, giving you peace of mind that you’re in the clear if things look OK. If anything is alarming or murky, we will direct you towards a next step – perhaps to seek out services from a specialist and plot out a treatment plan. Early detection is the key to remission. With swift treatment, you will have a greater chance of survival.

Can Gum Disease Spread Throughout My Entire Body?

Checking your gums for bacteria and decay is crucial. Not only can infection cause issues beneath the gum line and compromise the integrity of your teeth, but it can spread through the whole body, leading to serious health concerns along the way. Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, pregnancy complications, and more have been linked to gum disease. In order to be healthy overall, the gums need to be free of infection. When you are here for an oral exam, we will check your gums for signs like puffiness, tenderness, swelling, bleeding, and receding, and we will look for teeth that may be loosening or missing due to gum damage. If you notice any signs that your gums are not as healthy as they should be, come in before your next set appointment so we can assess the situation in a timely fashion. Waiting is not a wise option. The longer gum infection lingers, the better chance it will make its way through your body leading to potentially long-term problems that can affect your life in a serious way.

Can Cavities Be A Sign That I Am Sick?

If you tend to have frequent cavities, it may not mean you are sick, but it could be that you are not taking care of your teeth like you ought to be. One way you could be putting your teeth at risk is by consuming lots of sugary snacks on a regular basis. And as these unhealthful foods are digested, they are filling your body with empty calories rather than nutritious fuel that your body requires to function at its peak level of performance. If you find that your cavity count is above average, a change in diet may be the solution. Not only will you better protect your teeth from cavities or other damage, but you will be doing something good for your entire system. We can refer you to a nutritionist if you are unsure what a balanced diet looks like. Let us know and we’ll set you up.

How Can I Take Better Care Of My Oral Health?

Start by brushing and flossing your teeth twice daily, more if necessary. Spend your time doing it purposefully, don’t just go through the motions mindlessly. Stick to a healthy diet, full of natural foods including plenty of vegetables. Avoid sticky or chewy foods that can get stuck to the surface of the teeth. Remember to visit Advanced Dentistry for your general dental exams and be forthcoming about any problems you may be experiencing. Remind your friends, family, and loved ones to do the same.

Remember, oral health is correlated to overall health. Be the best version of yourself with the Advanced Dentistry edge. We aim for excellence from ourselves and want you to be excellent in terms of health. Our team is on your side to guide you, care for you, and keep you as healthy as we can. It’s our commitment to the community. We look forward to seeing you soon.