Your smile says so much about you, so why not have one that is as bright and dazzling as you are? With the in-office whitening procedure called Zoom Whitening, we can get your teeth multiple shades whiter, something that over the counter products simply can’t achieve.

How Long Will Zoom Take to Whiten my Teeth?

If you’ve got an hour, we’ve got the solution. Three 15-minute sessions is all it takes to take your teeth from dull to dynamite. This can all be done in one visit to Advanced Dentistry.

What Does Zoom Use To Get My Teeth Whiter?

Zoom bleaches the teeth to get them whiter with a 25% hydrogen peroxide gel that is activated with a special light after it is applied to your teeth. As the hydrogen peroxide breaks down, oxygen enters the enamel and dentin layers of the teeth to bleach them. This does not compromise the structure of the tooth, so consider Zoom as safe as it is effective. After the bleaching treatment, we will apply a fluoride product to relieve any post-whitening sensitivity. 

Will My Teeth Stay This White Forever?

Zoom whitening lasts a long time, but forever is a far stretch. Over time, your teeth may lose that initial brilliance, but you can always have them touched-up. In fact, the Zoom package comes with a touch-up kit with custom-fitted trays for home use when needed and used carefully according to instructions.

What Can I Do To Keep My Teeth As White As Possible

You can maintain that white smile by being careful about what you eat and drink as well as managing other potentially staining habits. Do your best to avoid drinks including dark cola, red wine, coffee, tea, and other common beverages that may stain. Tomatoes, chocolate, and some sauces can stain too. You don’t have to eliminate these items from your diet entirely, but be mindful and brush well afterwards. Refrain from using tobacco products, too. Some medications may cause tooth discoloration, so speak with your doctor or pharmacist if this is something that concerns you.