Dentures are a restorative solution for those with missing teeth. Not only do they recreate a more beautiful smile, but functionality and form are improved dramatically. If we determine that you are a good candidate for dentures, one option to explore is TeethXPress®. This procedure can be completed in as little as one day, giving patients new hope for a speedy solution that will transform their smile. 

How Many Implants Does TeethXpress® Require?

We can fit you for TeethXpress® on either 4, 5, or 6 BioHorizons dental implants. These type of implants are used only for TeethXpress® and have seen great levels of success across the board. They prevent bone loss by stimulating the growth of new bone in the jaw, eliminate the look of premature aging, and provide security and strength to hold the denture in place. 

Are TeethXpress® Implant Dentures Removable?

TeethXpress® are not removable. This makes their functionality even more secure and stable. Once they are implanted, they will work just like natural teeth, allowing for ease while eating and speaking. Removable dentures are not as durable, plus they may lead to bone loss in the jaw when there are no longer any teeth to support. The implants simulate the jaw to keep bone development active, keeping the facial structure stronger for longer. 

Will The Process Be Painful?

Like any procedure at Advanced Dentistry, we go to great measures to ensure your appointment is as comfortable for you as possible. Pain is minimal, but we will administer numbing agents if needed to make the experience even more tolerable. After you are finished with the procedure, you may benefit from pain medications to relieve any discomfort post-procedure. 

How Long Will The Process Take?

On average, the implant placement process for TeethXpress® takes approximately 6 hours. You can have your TeethXpress® done in one day. This is a revolutionary procedure that is unlike other types of implants which require more time and multiple visits.

How Long Will My TeethXpress® Implants Last?

You may just have them for a lifetime. TeethXpress® are designed for long lasting wear. With proper oral hygiene habits, expect yours to be with you for the long haul.