Is Aesthetic Dentistry Expensive?

Aesthetic dentistry — or cosmetic dentistry — is a classification of dentistry that addresses the look of your teeth and smile. Many people assume that because aesthetic dental procedures are elective procedures that may not be necessary to the health, comfort, and function of your teeth and mouth, they are prohibitively expensive procedures to obtain. 

Don’t let fear of a price tag stand in the way of starting your journey to a smile you can be proud to put on display. There are a wide range of prices available depending on your particular procedure, your reason for obtaining it, your health insurance plan, and the dentist you use to complete the procedure.

What kinds of aesthetic dentistry procedures are available?

With the advances of modern dentistry, there are many aesthetic dentistry procedures available. These procedures and treatments include teeth whitening, bonding, contouring, veneers, and much more.

At Advanced Dentistry by James Blank, we are excited to offer:

  • Bonding, a process that uses tooth-colored putty hardened under UV or laser light to fix chips and correct color in teeth.
  • Porcelain veneers, custom shaped shells that can boost the shape and color of your teeth, offering a long-lasting and excellent smile.
  • Teeth whitening, one of the easiest, most cost effective, and least invasive ways to brighten your smile.
  • Dental implants, a permanent and natural solution to missing teeth that is often also classified as a restorative dental procedure.
  • TeethXpress Implant Dentures, an innovative way to help anchor dentures permanently in patients’ mouths who have issues with regular removable dentures slipping around and negatively impacting eating, speaking, and other issues around quality of life.

Does dental insurance cover aesthetic dental procedures?

The short answer? It depends. There are numerous factors that can come into play when determining coverage of aesthetic dental procedures. Some dental insurance providers offer coverage for these types of procedures, and some do not. The reason behind seeking to get an aesthetic dental procedure may factor into your provider’s decision on covering it.

Many dental offices — ours included — offer personalized benefits checks directly with patients’ insurance companies. That way, we can determine exactly what your insurance company might cover for your aesthetic dental procedure and let you know what the cost will be so there are no surprises.

If your dental insurance plan does not offer you any help with paying for your aesthetic dental procedure, don’t despair. Some dental offices offer their own types of in-house insurance plans for certain patients that could include discounts on procedures. Others, like Advanced Dentistry by James Blank, provide affordable options and payment plans to their patients. We know how important your smile is, and we want to help you obtain the best care possible.

How much do aesthetic dentistry procedures cost?

Aesthetic dental procedures can vary widely in cost, and the final prices will depend on what your dental insurance plan covers, your particular needs for the procedure to be successful, and your individual dental office. 

An average range of prices for each aesthetic dental procedure could include:

  • Whitening: About $500 with in-office products or take-home gels and personalized molds
  • Veneers: About $500 to $1,300 per tooth for customized porcelain shells
  • Bonding: About $100 to $400 per tooth for tooth-colored resin
  • Implants: About $1,250 to $3,000 for a permanent root insertion and crown

It bears repeating that you should check with your personal dental office for pricing and consultation as you plan for your aesthetic dental procedure.

How could aesthetic dentistry benefit me in the long run?

You may not realize it at first, but paying for aesthetic dental procedures now can actually save you money over time. For example, professional whitening through your dentist is much more effective than anything else you can purchase at a drugstore or other retailer. Investing in professional whitening sessions can keep you from having to continually repurchase pricey whitening kits time and time again, which could also risk increasing the sensitivity of your teeth with repeated use.

Likewise, though bonding is an aesthetic dental procedure, resolving minor chips in your teeth can help protect the rest of your natural tooth and keep any jagged and uneven edges from cutting the insides of your mouth, your lips, or your tongue when chewing, talking, or sleeping.

Overall, aesthetic dentistry is a viable option for many people. Coupled with restorative dentistry and supported through preventative dentistry, aesthetic dental procedures encompass an important facet to complete dental care. Having confidence in your healthy and beautiful smile is crucial for your mental health, confidence, and personal and professional opportunities. The best thing to do to pursue an aesthetic dental procedure would be to contact the team at Advanced Dentistry by James Blank to discuss the treatments that would work well for you and your budget. Visit us today

What is Aesthetic Dentistry?

Your smile is just as important as your handshake when you first meet someone new. A strong, confident, beautiful smile is essential to getting started on the right foot whether in your professional or personal life.

Many people, however, may feel like their smile isn’t up to par. Perhaps your smile could be brighter, due to being stained darker by a love for coffee, tea, or red wine. Or maybe there’s a problematic tooth whose shape or position affects your confidence in the rest of your smile. Whatever the issue might be, others can tell right away when a smile doesn’t come naturally — or if you’re tight-lipped about the state of your teeth when introducing yourself to strangers.

Don’t risk coming off as unfriendly or shy just because you’re concerned about the look of your smile. You only get one chance at acing a first impression, and aesthetic dentistry can make sure that you do just that.

What exactly is aesthetic dentistry?

Aesthetic dentistry is a classification of dental procedures that help improve the look and feel of your teeth and overall smile. Also known as cosmetic dentistry, aesthetic dental procedures are not necessarily crucial to the function of your teeth, bite, speech, comfort, and other regular functions. Instead, aesthetic dentistry seeks to address the appearance of your teeth, offering a confidence boost in aesthetic issues that might have plagued your smile for years.

What kinds of procedures does aesthetic dentistry include?

There are many ways to give a boost to your smile through aesthetic dentistry. These procedures and treatments include:

Whitening: Dentists can offer patients a customized experience when it comes to whitening, including mixing in-office and at-home treatments depending on preference, need, and price. Patients are much more likely to experience favorable results when involving a dentist in this aesthetic procedure than whitening kits available at retailers.

Bonding: Bonding helps address minor chipping and discoloration in a patient’s smile. This procedure involves a putty that is dyed to match the patient’s existing teeth exactly — or conceal an unsightly color. This procedure may require regular professional attention to maintain.

Contouring: Your dentist will use tools to revamp the position, width, length, and shape of your tooth through contouring. This will address the overall look of your smile, and can be used in conjunction with bonding for an effective makeover.

Veneers: Porcelain veneers can be custom made to craft the smile you’ve always wanted. These veneers are placed directly over the teeth after your dentist grinds your existing teeth down to accommodate them. They are a popular and permanent — though pricey — solution to fix smiles.

Implants: Dental implants can replace gaps in your smile with a permanent tooth or teeth that will look virtually indistinguishable from your existing smile.

A number of restorative dental treatments not only boost the health of your mouth, but also improve the look of your smile. Orthodontics procedures including Invisalign clear aligners that straighten smiles both give your smile an aesthetic boost and correct your teeth to avoid discomfort and address overbites, underbites, and crossbites. Likewise, fillings are used in restorative dentistry to halt tooth decay in its path, but tooth-colored resin will help improve the look of teeth that have experienced decay.

How do aesthetic dentistry procedures benefit patients?

There may be a misconception that aesthetic dentistry is only for people overly concerned with their looks. That simply isn’t true. Aesthetic dentistry has numerous health benefits for patients who choose to pursue those procedures.

Bonding can help correct chips and other minor damages to teeth. This can help protect the remaining tooth while dulling any sharp edges that could cause pain when biting or speaking. A bond fix will also lessen the likelihood of further damage to the tooth by stabilizing it.

Contouring can help streamline a patient’s bite, easing discomfort and pain.

Aesthetic dental procedures may also encourage patients to take better care of their teeth. They might avoid tooth-staining beverages after a whitening procedure, for example, or they may be more likely to return to the dentist’s office for regular checkups because of aesthetic dental treatments they may have had.

Your mental health is also an important factor when it comes to aesthetic dentistry. Not having a smile that makes you happy can seriously affect your self-esteem and lead to other issues if not addressed.

What kinds of aesthetic dentistry procedures can I receive at Advanced Dentistry by James Blank?

Advanced Dentistry by James Blank is pleased to provide the following aesthetic dentistry procedures to our patients:

  • Bonding
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental implants
  • TeethXpress Implant Dentures

We also offer restorative treatments that improve the look and feel of your smile, such as Invisalign clear aligners to straighten your smile, crowns and bridges to protect teeth and fill in any missing gaps, dentures to improve your quality of life, and periodontal therapy to address gum disease.

Dr. Blank and his team can offer high quality, expert aesthetic dentistry procedures to all patients. Learn more about Dr. Blank’s background and dedication to dentistry here.