Do You Despise the Dentist? 

You check your calendar for this week’s upcoming events and see one approaching that you absolutely dread: your dentist appointment. It’s easy to immediately groan in disgust and think of all the reasons why visiting the dentist isn’t fun, but there are also some aspects of visiting the dentist that can make you realize it actually isn’t all that bad. 

Why People Think the Dentist is the Worst

People have put off their scheduled dental appointments or avoided making any appointments at all for years at a time. Everyone has their own reasons that make them dislike the dentist and keep them from visiting their offices. Here are some of the most popular reasons given when people are asked why they despise going to the dentist.  

The Dentist and His Tools Are Intimidating 

Sitting in a chair while someone points a needle or drill right at you is definitely a scary experience that can keep you from coming back to the dental office. Others aren’t scared of the tools, but of the dentist specifically. Some people develop this fear naturally and others develop it from a history of dentists showing little sympathy for them as a child. This can cause them to grow trust issues for their dentists even as an adult. 

When people aren’t caring for their teeth, they get scared to go to the dentist and to be forced to listen to a lecture discussing how they’re not caring for their teeth. Others will develop the anxiety of getting told they may have to undergo oral surgery or receive braces. 

It’s Way Too Expensive 

Going to the dentist is not cheap. Especially if you end up having to get oral surgery, braces, or a different dental procedure done. Insurance does come in handy, but there are some dental costs that aren’t covered by different insurance companies. This can result in a large chunk of change coming out of the patient’s pocket, which gives people a reason to not go to the dentist and take this financial risk. 

It Takes Too Much Time 

Nobody likes to wait. So when people are forced to sit in a dentist’s office and wait for them to finally call the patient back, it can be a little irritating. Not to mention how long it takes when you’re finally seated in the chair. All of this sitting and waiting can start to add up. People will also feel they are way too busy for a trip to the dentist so it can all seem like a waste of time when there are other things to do. 

It Can Be a Painful Experience 

There are several intimidating procedures that can take place at a dental office involving drills, needles and other tools. When these tools are used on you they can hurt your gums, teeth, cheeks or other parts of your face leaving them feeling sore for a while after the procedure is finished.

It’s Not As Bad As You Think 

These are all valid reasons to feel negatively toward going to the dentist. But there are ways to minimize these worries or fears. Once you start to realize the different ways you can make yourself feel more comfortable at the dentist, you’ll see that a regular trip to the dentist isn’t as bad as it seems. 

Your Dentist Is Not The Enemy 

Yes, the dentist can be scary. But times are changing and this isn’t like the days when you were a child and your dentist didn’t care about whether or not you were afraid. We care about how you feel when you’re in the chair and want to help make your experience comfortable for you. This is why when you arrive at the dentist, you should voice your anxieties or concerns with us beforehand.

Other Available Ways to Help With Costs 

Yes, sometimes visiting the dentist can get expensive. Especially when unexpected oral surgeries can appear out of the blue. Even when insurance can’t quite seem to cover a few expenses, we can offer different payment plans or options. 

Make It A Comfortable Environment 

Going to the dentist can seem like an uncomfortable experience since you’re sitting there with everyone invading your personal space. We are aware of this and do everything we can to make it a comfortable and relaxing environment so that you can really relax while you’re sitting in the chair. We welcome patients to bring a pair of wireless headphones to listen to while we’re working, or whatever it is that will make you comfortable.

It’s an Afternoon or Morning Away from Work 

Going to the dentist can sometimes be difficult because you may find yourself in the waiting room for long periods of time. It may make you feel like you’re losing valuable time to work on other projects. Feel free to bring your laptop in with you while you’re waiting so you don’t feel as if any time is being wasted. 

Even better, ask for that afternoon or morning off so you can take your trip to the dentist, then enjoy a much needed a break for the rest of the morning or afternoon. That way, you can look forward to this time off on the day of your appointment and won’t associate your appointment day with any negative feelings. 

There Are Ways to Escape the Pain 

Needles, drills and other dental tools, oh my! While these can all seem intimidating, there are ways to make the pain go away or at least decrease drastically. A lot of anesthesia and novocaine are offered to you in order to help numb the pain. If the thought of these dental procedures still makes you nervous and this doesn’t seem like enough, talk to your dentist to see if dental sedation is a possible option for you. 

No More Dreading the Dentist  

While the dentist isn’t the most exciting place on earth, it still provides you with long-lasting benefits that make it well worth the appointment. If you take proper care of your teeth on your own time and book consistent appointments twice a year, your mouth will look and feel healthy the majority of the time. 

If you maintain a healthy habit of going to the dentist and maintain proper dental self-care, then you’ll find yourself spending less money on surprise procedures and less time stressing out about painful surgeries. 

By ensuring proper oral health and starting a regular routine of visiting the dentist office, it may soon become one of your favorite places to visit.

Give us at Advanced Dentistry a call today at (614) 399-9381 and we’ll do everything we can to turn your dreadful opinion of the dentist into a good one!