How Technology is Making Your Dental Visit More Comfortable

Until recently, a surefire way of ruining someone’s day was to bring up the subject of a visit to the dentist’s office. The mere mention of a dental visit was enough to bring even the strongest among us to their knees.

Things have radically changed, though.

New tools, improved technology and other continued advancements in the field have combined to make many dental services faster, easier and virtually painless. 

In this article, the Advanced Dentistry professionals will guide you through a sampling of the advancements in dental technique that will hopefully make your next visit grimace-free. 

How has technology improved visits to the dentist’s office?

In just about every field – particularly dentistry – technology doesn’t stand still. Eliminating pain and increasing patient comfort are the orders of the day.

Here are just a few of the more recent advancements in dental technology.

  • Digital x-rays: Unlike the old school approach to dental x-rays known for triggering a gag reflex, the digital method is quicker, much more comfortable and far superior in terms of accuracy.

    With the digital approach, say “goodbye” to the plastic bitewing that could easily hurt your mouth – especially the underneath of your tongue. Now, your dentist will use a hand-held device to scan the inside of your mouth.

    The resulting images are available for analyzing almost instantaneously and are much clearer.

  • Microlasers for oral surgery and repairs: Rather than the pain and prolonged time involved for surgical procedures and healing associated with traditional surgery techniques, the use of microlasers is better for both the dentist and the patient.

    The dentist is able to perform more work with better efficiency and far better results.

    For the patient, this means less time in the dentist’s chair, hardly any pain and much quicker healing.

  • Digital scanners to diagnose potential problems: Similar to the digital x-rays, scanners are incredibly useful in giving you and your dentist an invaluable head start in diagnosing potential problems in your mouth.

    These scanners show an intricate color scan of the structure of your mouth. These scans are then used to make accurate impressions for the creation of any dental appliances that need to be made.

    That sure beats the old way of making impressions, which involved you holding a mouthpiece filled with a putty substance to make the imprint of your mouth.

  • Quick scans for oral cancer: More and more news reports confirm the ongoing spike in cases of oral cancer. Today, quick and pain-free exams can identify the telltale signs of oral cancer – saving you potentially thousands of dollars in treatment by giving you a heads-up about any problems that have yet to reveal themselves.

Each member of the Advanced Dentistry team takes part in extensive training to ensure they carry out their individual responsibilities so that patients get the most from each of these advancements.

Has technology improved braces?

Yes it has! The days of immovable metal braces have given way to clear, smooth plastic versions. Known as Invisalign braces, they fit seamlessly over your teeth and can be taken out while you eat, brush or floss.

Since they bend and flex in reaction to your mouth, Invisalign braces will not irritate the inside of your mouth, food will not get stuck in them and your speech won’t be affected.

What if I have missing teeth?

The problem of missing teeth has been revolutionized with the advent of dental implants. Custom designed and manufactured specifically for your mouth, dental implants securely anchor your new teeth to your jaw bone – essentially serving as the root of your teeth.

Another huge benefit of dental implants is that your surrounding teeth will not be negatively affected. In fact, they’ll be even healthier because of the increased surrounding support.

What about the overall patient experience?

We’re all about the patient experience and eliminating dentist office anxiety. From more comfortable furniture and a patient-centered staff, to patients being able to enjoy music, movies and TV while in the exam chair, the patient experience has improved by leaps and bounds.

Some of the biggest strides in improvement have involved the use of anesthesia. 

Whether you opt for a gel form that’s applied to the surface of your gum, a quick painless injection to the affected area or nitrous oxide (laughing gas), dental anesthesia can drastically reduce or virtually eliminate any discomfort you may otherwise feel.

How do I know if I’m a good candidate for any of the procedures?

We realize that no two people have the exact same dental conditions and issues. That’s why we take the time to get to know you as a person and a patient. 

Once we have a firm understanding of the problems that are preventing you from enjoying the lifestyle you want, we develop a customized approach to treatment that’s unique to your needs. 

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