The Latest and Greatest in Dental Technology, Available at Advanced Dentistry

Hilliard, OH area patients who are seeking the best quality care for their dental needs are encouraged to take the time to learn about the amazing technology used at Advanced Dentistry. Dr. James Blank prides himself on reinvesting into his practice to offer the latest solutions for patients.

The area of medicine is one of the fastest growing fields today when it comes to the development and use of technology. In this digital age, dentists are also benefiting with highly advanced solutions for their patients. By integrating the latest technology into the dental practice, Dr. James Blank offers the best oral health and wellness options for those who visit his practice. 

How does technology help improve the care patients receive at their dental practice? 

By integrating technology into dental treatments, our professionals can ensure patients have the best options available to them. When new patients visit our facility, they will be given the ultimate experience with our Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment. This evaluation uses advanced technology to help us learn more about our patients’ oral health and wellness and the care they need now and in the future. Once patients choose to move forward with their dental treatments, we walk them through how our technology is used to create their dream smiles. We believe our patients deserve the best diagnostic tools to evaluate the smile, so we  have eliminated outdated technology and traditional treatments. 

What are the latest technologies that are used at Dr. James Blank’s practice?

High-tech devices make it easier to diagnose, treat, and prevent common dental concerns. Our practice is excited to offer the following technologies in our office:

  • Digital scanners – digital scanners allow our dental team to learn more about the smile. They may be utilized to develop initial records of the smile at the beginning of treatment, or for the planning of future treatments and restorations. Their primary use in Advanced Dentistry is to obtain impressions of the teeth that are prepared prior to the creation and placement of restorations including dental crowns and dental bridges. By using these scanners,, our dental team can avoid the use of messy products used in other practices to obtain impressions of the smile.
  • 3D head and neck CT scanner – sometimes, it is important for the dentist to evaluate the patient beyond what the eyes can see. By using the 3D head and neck CT scanner, patients can be examined to get a proper diagnosis of conditions such as temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD. This device can also be used to assess a patient for treatment options such as oral appliance therapy, nightguards, and night splints.
  •  NV microlaser – laser devices are becoming more and more advanced in the medical field, and today, dentists such as Dr. James Blank can use them to provide treatment for patients. The NV microlaser device can be used in our practice for the treatment of canker sores and cold sores, or for contouring the gum tissues for cosmetic purposes. The laser provides precision results, while reducing the healing and recovery common with more traditional methods. Soft tissue treatment performed with the NV microlaser also results in far less bleeding and reduced chances of infection.
  • CEREC – restorations such as dental crowns can be a lengthy process with other traditional dental practices. The dentist prepares the tooth, takes impressions of the teeth, and sends the information off to a dental laboratory that may be states away. Patients have a temporary restoration put in place while they wait a week or longer for their final dental crown. Instead, our practice utilizes CEREC to provide same-day dental restorations. Digital impressions are used with CAD/CAM software to develop a dental crown within 20 minutes or less while patients relax in the dental chair.
  • Digital Smile Design – Advanced Dentistry of Hilliard, OH also uses the latest technology when designing patient smiles. Aesthetic work such as a smile makeover or full mouth reconstruction requires extensive planning. This process is made easier with our Digital Smile Design technology. Patients can visualize their new smile with 3D software and technology that makes it easier than ever to plan the treatments needed for complete rejuvenation.

Learn more about the high-end technology used at Advanced Dentistry. Contact Dr. James Blank of Hilliard, OH at (614) 876-4900 to schedule your consultation visit and speak to our team about the use of today’s amazing, modern solutions to everyday dental needs. Advanced Dentistry is conveniently located at 5491 Scioto Darby Road and is accepting new patients.