The Shift In Comfort–How Technology Is Making Your Dental Visit More Comfortable

Thanks to the many wonders of modern technology, dental visits go more smoothly than ever before. With impressively designed high-tech devices and smarter dental tools and gadgets, dental exams and various surgeries and procedures can be more comfortable and go faster, and even recovery time may be cut down considerably.

Here at Advanced Dentistry, we make use of some of today’s most evolved technology, including the cone beam scanner (in place of traditional X-rays), the Carestream® intraoral scanner, and the NV Microlaser for soft-tissue surgeries. While we remain constant in our “old-fashioned” brand of friendliness and always treat you like family, when it comes to making use of cutting edge solutions for our patients, we are always seeking to improve by introducing new technology that will make appointments more accurate and progressive.

What is a cone beam scanner and why is it better than traditional X-rays?

By using a cone beam scanner, we can ditch the outdated traditional method of taking X-rays and get a more precise picture of what is going on inside your mouth, up to 360 degrees. This superior 3D imaging system circles the jaw area to obtain high-definition images of the teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways, and jawbones without that awkward feeling of biting down and feeling stiff and uncomfortable during the process.

In one all-encompassing scan, the various images needed are taken at once, resulting in greater detail and finer accuracy than traditional X-rays are able to accomplish. You will sit in the chair and the cone beam scanner will rotate around your head while you remain comfortably in place. There is no worry or a long wait for the full scan to come to completion. We will assess the images obtained by the cone beam scanner to alert you to any concerns or conditions that present themselves. This more modern, non-invasive approach also results in better quality images, so we can get greater insight into your overall oral health.

What is the Carestream intraoral scanner?

We aim for comfort and convenience during every dental appointment. This smart and sophisticated handheld scanner allows us to easily capture oral digital impressions for more effective restorative and implant treatments. The continuous scanning capabilities allow for smooth, uninterrupted image taking, with high-speed and high-accuracy throughout. We can more easily get into those areas that are harder to see and reach, allowing for more detailed exams performed in less time. With the use of the Carestream intraoral scanner, we get real-time results, so we can tend to the issue right away and get you the care you need, all done in the office with optimized efficiency. We can easily detect and diagnose issues thanks to the clear pictures the scanner is able to obtain. The device is small and sleek, so you won’t experience any notable discomfort as we insert it into your mouth to collect the information. It is revolutionary and reliable, another perk of providing high-tech solutions for our patients.

How is NV Microlaser a more comfortable choice for patients?

Lasers make surgery so much easier on you. Designed specifically for soft-tissue surgery, this advanced laser technology minimizes patient discomfort. Lasers are used in place of scalpels, and laser energy is less invasive and more precise. The slim design allows us to make each procedure more practical and productive. It is cordless so we can move about your oral cavity without interference and you won’t have to budge from beginning to end. Imagine a procedure done without those traditional tools that make surgeries more daunting than they need to be? We are well-trained in using the NV Microlaser for various in-office procedures, and your outcome will be beyond your satisfaction. Thanks to laser technology, recovery time is generally faster, something any patient can appreciate. We understand your concerns, and this device makes the process a positive one.

Technology is making dental care more accurate and efficient than it has ever been. With new devices and tools being invented all the time, Advanced Dental stays on top of trends in the industry so we can bring you the best of the best, making your visit to our practice a pleasure. We do our research and find reliable alternatives to traditional procedures, making you more comfortable and confident in our capabilities.

If you’d like to learn more about how new technology is causing a shift in comfort (for the better), reach out to us and we can schedule a consultation. Call us at (614) 399-9381 and someone from our friendly staff will book your appointment. Otherwise, you can discuss these new options and advancements with Dr. Blank during your next appointment. We’re always excited to share our high-tech techniques with you. Not only because it’s what we love to do, but because we know it will make your next visit more comfortable.